Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why DH and I should not talk politics

DH and I got into an argument last night, as we usually do when speaking about politics. You see within the past year I have been really paying attention to politics and trying to interpret what democrats and republicans truly stand for. It’s helped me to truly shape my views and what I think. DH is not at the same point, and I get frustrated when trying to point out that he’s regurgitating what the media is saying.
One thing he said last night was “give me a gun and let me protect myself”; I tried to point out that his was conservative view. He also said that the government doesn’t know what it’s doing. I tried to point out that he would then be in favor of less government, not more, which is also a conservative view. So, I came to the conclusion that we have the same views on more points then not. His reply was, “except for one thing, I want to help poor people and you don’t.” Who said that? Just because I believe that everyone should be held accountable for their own actions, and I think its fare that everyone capable of paying their own way should, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help poor people.
It means that I would like to have control of my money and how I choose to help said poor people. I don’t want the government to take my money and give it to whomever they think deserves it. It’s my money and I earned it. I should be able to give it to the people I deem worthy of helping. It’s never a good idea for DH and I to talk about politics and I don’t know why we tried again last night, but one thing’s for sure. I won’t be baited to talk about it again anytime soon.

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