Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Disappointed yet again

Well, after a call and an e-mail we got an update from the SW. Seems she met with her boss and the homestudy panel and there are yet more interviews to be done with Josh, Elisabeth, Andy, and us again. The questions that she outlined have already been answered once. I don't know if she just didn't write down the answers, but's it frustrating that we must now make time during our lunch hour to go down and meet with her again and answer the same questions over. She wants to meet with Josh and Elisabeth, whom we had custody years ago. She said that it's their policy to talk to adult children of those wanting to adopt. Even though they weren't are children, and all our parenting efforts were thwarted by their mother and other sibs, they still get to give input. Jerry and I still talk and see Josh often. I have no doubts what he might say, but Elisabeth is a different story. We never got close to her, she never let us. She also left under bad circumstances after running away repeatedly and stealling over 5000.00 worth of things from our house. We saw her last week at her grad party, but I have no idea how to get ahold of her. I know that she has no phone, and her mom's in a halfway house again.
So, here we are, still waiting. I am sure that we will be waiting until after the holidays, as our SW works at a glacial pace and they don't place kids around the holidays.

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Torina said...

Who are Elizabeth and Josh? Have you mentioned them before? I must have missed that...

As for the homestudy dragging on forever, that is so incredibly unexcusable. They couldn't figure out that they needed to ask more questions back in May when you turned in the paperwork? Come on people! Kids are waiting! This system drives me nuts!