Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Today's Rant

I am so disappointed. Jerry and I showed up at what would have been our last Homestudy Meeting with our SW, and were turned away because she's still on medical leave. WHAT? Why weren't we called this time? She missed us on the list... Unacceptable. Every meeting that I have had scheduled with this woman has had to be rescheduled with little or no notice.
I am so upset about this. Even though I have a kind boss, I feel bad having to take all this time off anyway, and when it's for nothing, it's even worse. If I were to miss a meeting without calling the person I was meeting with at my work, I would be in so much trouble. How can she get away with this time and time again? Doesn't she realize how emotionally draining all of this is. It's an emotional process to begin with.
It just sucks. I have the mind to talk to her supervisor. It's a little scary though because I don't want to be reasigned and have to start any of this stuff over, or set a bad example, but I feel like we have been very patient up to this point, and my patience is running LOW at this point.

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