Monday, May 11, 2009

My little sister is all grown up

On Saturday my little sister went to the prom with her boyfriend Dan. It seems like only yesterday that she was a sweet little girl playing with barbies. Now look at her. She's beautiful and full of spunk. Soon she will be graduating and doing all the things that adults do. Boy do I feel old. When Jerry and I began dating Kirstin was 3 months old. I have pictures of him holding her and giving her horsey rides around the room. She has come so far in those 17 years. I am really proud of her.
Mother's Day was pretty low key yesterday. I went over to my mom's house and we BBQ'd. I gave her a porcelin butterfly and my sister Melanie gave her a ring that said mom. I tried to train her dogs to sit using leftover hotdogs and we sat around and chatted for a while. Jerry had softball so he didn't come with me, but was home when I got there. Hopefully, next year I will be a mom of more then just fur babies and will have a bit of celebrating on my account.
This week Jerry is on vacation. We don't have any plans other then to relax and take it easy. Although, I am hoping to talk him into helping me finish up some odds and ends in the basement bedroom that we are remodelling.
It looks like it's going to be a nice day, so I am off to enjoy it.

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Tricia said...

when me and my hubby started dating, my little brother was 2 months old so I completely understand what you mean!