Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I asked DH yesterday if he was excited about our matching meeting on Friday. I knew that he would say that he's not before I asked the question, but I didn't expect him to add in how every minute that he goes in later to work would be more time he would have to make up after his normal quitting time. Ugh. He's not one to get overly excited about something when he knows that there could be dissappointment envolved.
I am causiously excited because this could be the first glimpse we get to our future children. I just wish that he could share in this causious excitement with me.
He's always been like this ever since I met him. First, he didn't want to get an apartment with me, but once there he loved it. Second, he didn't want to get married, but now he's glad he did. Third, he didn't want to have kids once it came down to it, but then we started to try to have them and was just as disappointed when we were told we probably couldn't have them ourselves. Even when it came down to starting the classes for adoption he was afraid of the disappointments and waiting that was involved.
I see him with our nieces and nephews and I know how much he wants his own kids. I just wish he had a little more excitement, at least as much as I do, but you know, I know that he is who he is and that I know that will not change. Instead, I am sharing my excitement with my friends and family and with all of you.
2 more days! I can't wait.

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Hope said...

Only two days! YAY! How exciting!