Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday, I got up the motivation to move everything out of our origional master bedroom. I then took up all the old carpet and patched the walls with insulation, vapor barrier, and sheet rock from where we had to take it out to fix the outside faucets. I then mudded and taped it. When Jerry got home after work last night we went to Home Depot and got the panelling needed to put on the lower half of the walls under the shelves.
This morning I put up all that panelling myself. I then sanded down the wall where I mudded and taped. I also bought some new screen to repair the sliding door and the window screen in the master bedroom. Our old cat Boo tore it up one night trying to get outside to prowl for rodents. I also made a screen to go onto the window in the room we stay in now. I didn't even know it was so easy to make a screen. They sell the kits at Home Depot for less then $10.00. I feel so silly that I didn't do it sooner because I thought it would be hard and expensive.
Andy said that I should go into business as a contractor until I can find another job.
Anyway, now as I sit here I wish I wouldn't have done so much in the past couple of days because my sholders, fingers, and wrists are now feeling sore. It's a nasty cycle with arthritis. If I don't do enough I am sore and if I do too much I am sore. I haven't mastered my activity level yet. I wonder if I ever will?

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