Thursday, April 16, 2009

Foster Mom

The other night we got a call from my mother-in-law. Jerry's sister-in-law had a fire at their house and needed a place for Peppy to go. The above picture is after he was groomed and bathed. When he got to our house he was covered in soot and very shaggy looking. The family lost everything in the fire. That means Peppy lost everything too, so I have been pampering him. He has a new collar, a new bed and bowl, and I even got him treats and a few toys. At least they don't have to worry about dog supplies. I know that I would want my dog to have all the things that he needs. After all, he's with someone he doesn't know and some new dogs that he doesn't know either.
That leads me to how Cody and Tullah are handling their new foster brother. Cody could really care less, but Tullah keeps trying to play with him. That sounds fine and great, but Tullah is so much bigger then Peppy. She can walk over him easily and I am afraid that she might hurt him if she gets to rambunctious.

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Marian said...

What a kind gesture, and you're right, I would want to know my animals were well taken care of!! I will be praying for the in-laws as they recover from the loss.