Friday, April 24, 2009

Great News!

I just receive a message from our new SW! She wants to setup time to go through the waiting kids that are out there and see if there's any we would be interested in. Because Jerry is pretty busy at work the first time he can clear 2 hours in his schedule isn't until next Friday or the week after. I am just happy that we're on the way. Also, I am really thrilled that it hasn't been a week that we are on our SW's caseload that we received contact and a request to meet with her.
It looks like we are on our way and I am really excited.

On another great note, Jerry won a 'People's Choice' award at work! He didn't even know that he had been nominated by his peers. That's really an honor for him. I am really proud of him. He's so smart and has a great work ethic. I knew he always had it in him. Now, I just need a job where I can shine like he does.

Our meeting is set for May 8th, at 9:30 AM!!!


Tricia said...

woohoo!!! How exciting!!! Tell the hubby good job also!

Hope said...

That's awesome! YAY!!