Monday, July 14, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was perfect. Friday I had the day off because I had to finish up my sleep study, and get educated on my new CPAP machine, ugh. It was Jerry’s birthday, but he decided to work anyway, so I had some free time to get some things done. After he got home, he opened his gifts from me: A fancy fishing reel that cost more then my Sigrid Olsen purse, a bottle of his cologne, and a book of baseball parks Now and Then. I think he was pleased because he told me so. Then, we went out to dinner with my sister at what other place then my honey’s favorite, Famous Daves where he ordered his usual Catfish Platter with Fries and Drunken Apples. He never looks at the menu anymore because that’s his favorite. We had a great time laughing and planning our camping trip to my dads in a few weeks. After dinner Jerry wanted to go get a new pole for his reel, so he could use it on Saturday, and some fishing line. Melanie and Scott came with because they were coming over after dinner to have cake. By the time we got done at Gander Mountain, it was poring rain, we all got soaked. When we arrived at the house I lite the candles and we all sang happy birthday and ate cake. Then night ended on a high note.
On Saturday Sunni (my sister-in-law) and her kids, Naz and Tekaija came over to help me make the garden stone for little man boo. We made Chicken Fettuchini, Tekaija’s request, and bread sticks. It was nice enough that we had lunch on the deck. After that we put the stone together, and set it out to dry. By the time we were done, it was time for them to leave. I was sad to see them go, but enjoyed the free time to go shopping for some plants and to buy the next book in the Stephanie Meyer Series, Eclipse, which I proceeded to devour it when I got home. Even though it’s meant as a book for young adults, I am now hooked. I even preordered the newest one that’s set to come out August 2nd.
Sunday was a lazy day. I planted my new plants and helped Jerry assemble the new top to the picnic table. Then it was time for him to get to softball, and I sat down to keep reading my new book.
So, the weather was beautiful, and all in all, I had a great weekend. Seems to me it won’t be as peaceful in a few months. But, I think it will be just as enjoyable and rewarding none-the-less.
Thanks Torina and Glenna, with the comments on my post from a few days ago. I think I will stop worrying about making myself a pest to my SW and find out what’s up.

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