Thursday, July 10, 2008

My life is better for having been your human

Last Picture of Boo
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Last night, I got home from work and you were sitting on my bed. I was supposed to come home during lunch to give your your pain pill, but couldn't get away, and I was worried you would be in pain. You seemed content when I got home, which made me feel relieved. I let the dogs out, and got them fed, then prepared your dinner. The vet said to try soft food or milk. That's what I got for you. I also got your medicine ready. As I picked you up from the bed you let out a little meow, which was the norm these past few days, and brought you to the dining room to feed you dinner. You weren't hungry, but I gave you your pill, which you proceeded to try and cough back up. Must be hard to swallow a pill when you don't want to drink any water.
I left you on a blanket so I could take the dogs out again and water my gardens because it's been very dry this past week. When I returned to find you, you were not on the blanket anymore. I found you sleeping on the dog's bed in our room. I figured I would let you rest. It would only be 2 more days until we put you down.
I guess you had other plans. As I was sitting at the computer, I heard you cough once, then again. I ran to see if you were alright. I found you lying on your side by the doorway. I wrapped you in a blanket and cradled you until the end. My sweet boy. I will miss your gentle purr in my ear and your hansome face. You lived a wonderful life little man. I am sorry it couldn't have been longer, but I must say that every moment you were alive was a blessing.
Boo~Booie~Boober~Little Man~Boozie~Boobie

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Sassy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I bet he appreciated dying at home with you. You did all you could to make him comfortable and feel loved. Take care.