Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boston Harbor

IMG_0743, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

While were in Boston we had the opportunity to eat dinner at a little resturant on the Harbor. Our table was right next to an open window, and the photo above is the view that we had. In the ocean below you could see jellyfish. That was the first time I had ever seen them not on a TV screen. This view was Amazing and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to see it with my husband.

Update on the adoption front. No news. I did get a request from our SW for contact info for our roommate. I guess that's a good sign. It means that progress is being made, right?

On the homefront, we have had a great deal of plumbing and wall demolition happening in the past week. We made an appointment to have our outdoor faucets replaced. When we were getting ready for the appointment, moving stuff away from the wall to make room for our plumber, we discovered some mold, and soggy sheetrock. Ugh. That ment we ripped out part of a wall, and some carpet. We figured, good thing we found it, and that it wouldn't be an expensive fix, just sheetrock etc. Then, after the plumber came and fixed the faucets, he was turing the main water supply back on, and our hot water heater decided to spring leaks from various places on the unit. Ugh...That was Expensive. In summary, over the past week we have spend 1200.00 on plumbing repairs. I could think of so many other things we could have done with that money.

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