Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hoo Humm

Today I am feeling like starting our family though adoption is never going to happen. Because I don't have anyway to know what the status of our paperwork is without pestering our SW, which I don't want to do, then I feel out of control. What happens when I feel that way. Well, I eat.

I have been better today then yesterday but, I did break down and get an iced skim white chocolate mocha from Caribou over lunch. It was very yummy, but 390 calories I could have done without. Since we have been getting closer to the finish line with the adoption stuff, I have gained back 10 pounds that I lost over the winter. Aren't you supposed to lose weight when summer comes? I feel cheated. I guess I am just getting anxious for my day to come. Not to mention that AF is supposed to be delivering my monthly gift any day now. I expected it yesterday, but maybe she's late because Friday was a holiday. Who knows...

I am thinking that once we get through this week with Boo, my kitty who's being put down on Friday, I am going to get my butt in gear training Tullah. It seems that she's getting a little lax listening to commands. She's also jumping on people a lot these days. I wish she weren't so cute. I could be more firm with her, but she gives me the puppy eyes and snuggles into my neck and I melt like butter.


Torina said...

If I've learned anything since we have started, it is this: trust is fruitless when it comes to depending on other people in foster care adoption. Call your SW. Who cares? They do those things that are most persistent first. Be that thing that is the most persistent. Don't worry about being a pest. This is their job but it is your LIFE and a child's LIFE. You go get em, girl. You can borrow my fangs if you want em. ;-)

Glenna Marshall said...

Can you email your SW? I did that a lot simply to keep from feeling like I was pestering her with phone calls. I was slightly obsessive, myself! :) With the email, she can respond when she can, and then you can leave it alone until you hear from her. Email is less intrusive than a phone call, you know? (Although she probably doesn't mind!)