Friday, June 25, 2010

Today's the Day

Feeding the ducks, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

Today's the day we head down South to spend some quality time with my SIL and her family. We will do things like feed the ducks, go to the water park, eat at Lamberts, and BBQ for the next week. I am so excited to finally be leaving.
I spent the whole night last night shopping, and running errands that needed to be done before we leave. I didn't even go home after work. When I finally did get home at almost 9pm we packed up little G, and that was all the energy that I had. This morning I packed most of my things and headed off to work.
Jerry is working from home today and will pack up the car and do other things that need to be done. Then, when I get home we all jump in the car and start our journey.
We will stop tonight somewhere in Iowa and sleep, then in the morning we will be up bright and early to complete the trip down. It takes about 11 hours to get from our door to theirs(depending on how many pitstops we make). Knowing Gigi we will be making quite a few. I will try to get some blogging in while we are gone, but I'm not gonna promise anything, because I don't want to let ya'll down.

Bon Voyage!

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Tricia said...

have a very nice time and enjoy!!!