Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Gifti has so many cousins I haven't tried to count them all, but one day I should.  But, today I am going to introduce you to the one that stayed over last night.  This is Ayreonah.  Her mom is Jerry's step-sister Crystal.  I was just thinking last night how I remember crawling around on the floor with her when she was barely old enough to walk.  Now, look at her.  She's a beautiful young lady.  She's been through some terrible things, but is still a lovely girl.

Gigi is fortunate to have 2 cousins that are her age, and they are really the three amigos.  They would do everything together if they could.  I envy my little girl because she has so many cousins her age.  I only have 6 cousins total and they are all considerably younger and all but 1 are boys/men.  I hope that it helps reinforce how fun family can be, and give her a great support system as she grows up.

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