Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma

Grandma Betsey ~ Gigi
This weekend we spent part of Saturday celebrating my mom's Birthday with her and the family.  I can tell that Gigi is getting more comforatable and is expressing herself more with my family, and I am greatful for that.  She's fitting right in, and I can tell that she's blossoming because of it.

Auntie Melanie ~ Gigi ~ Mom

I try to take extra pictures of her with the family because there will be a time in her future that she will feel bad that she doesn't have photos of herself when she was a baby.  Not that it will make up for that loss, but I hope that she will see how much we love her and glad that she's come into our lives.

Gigi and Daddy

I am also very glad that she's been playing and having more fun with Jerry.  It appears that they are finally bonding and having playful moments.  She shared the Father's Day card that she made for him with me the other day.  It's so cute.  She calls him Dad and says she loves him and that he's the best.  I worry that she says those things because she thinks she's supposed to, but if that's the case then I hope that it will be one of those things that you do so much that it finally becomes true.