Thursday, February 18, 2010


Pick up time at school is always a hard part of my day. I never know what mood LG is going to be in. Like the past few days she has been really obstinate and rude, and some days she comes running to me with a smile and huge hug.

On the days when she's moody and rude I cannot get any straight answers from her. The really weird thing is that once we get home and she's had her snack she will talk about her day while we do her homework and everything is fine. It's really frustrating. I know that she get's embarrassed about having a white mama even though that is what she requested from her worker before placement. I don't think that's the issue though because a lot of times shes just fine.

Her therapist said that she's just testing us and that when she acts rude that we are supposed to tell her how we feel. I don't think that helps because isn't that affect that she wants us to feel. It's reafirming that she's doing what she wants to do, but that assumes that she knows she's trying to test us. I dunno what to think about that.

We'll see how things go today at pickup...

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