Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play Date

Our Darling Daughter, LG, had her first playdate at someone elses house. She was so excited that she had a tummy ache before she left and wouldn't eat dinner. Never mind that she came home famished.
So, I picked her up from school like usual, except when I walked in the door she lept into my arms, and squeeled, "I can't wait for my playdate!" On the block home drive she couldn't stop talking. Once we walked into the house we sat down to do her homework. Surprisingly we made it though with no melt downs. Then, she called her friend. They ate early so LG could spend more time there. I tried to get her to eat, but she said she was too tired. I tried again, but was rebuffed. She wouldn't even take a beloved granola bar to fend off the hunger I knew she was going to have.
We drove the few blocks to her friends house. I went to the door with her and chatted with the mom for 10ish minutes. I didn't want to bail on her before she felt comfortable. I explained to the mom about us being in the process of adoption her and how she had a few social interaction issues when it comes to sharing and playing with friends. She was cool with it and had my phone number in case she had any problems.
It was the first time I have ever left her at a home of someone I hadn't known since birth, so I had a few butterflies for myself and her, but all was for naught. She had a wonderful time and asked to go back as soon as she can.
I am so glad that she is getting friend in our neighborhood as well as at school. I know I had tons of friend in my neighborhood as a child and I would love for her to have the same experience.

On another fun note, we are meeting tonight with the Girl Scout Leader for the troop that LG is thinking of joining. I have never been in the scouts, so this will be fun for both of us. It turns out that she can't join the troop with her other friend because she's a year older because of being held back a year. A bit of a bummer, but some of the other girls in the troop she already knows, so I think she will make it fun too.

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