Monday, February 22, 2010

Long/Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one. On Friday it was decided that we would have our niece and nephew over to play with LG. So, we packed up in the car and were off to pick up the kids. By the time we got home it was almost time for bed. I was glad about that because I was tired from the long day at work.
My dog kept waking me up during the night with her whining. I think she was mad that our other dog Cody, who usually sleeps with LG, was in our bed and that left little room for her. So at 3:30 I was tired and just wanted to sleep, so I took Tullah upstairs. I figured if I slept on the couch she could sleep next to me on the floor and be happy. No such luck, but at least she didn’t keep my nephew and Jerry up anymore.
So, needless to say I was up quite early. It gave me a bit of time to check my email and browse on Facebook a bit. Then, when everyone got up I made French toast. It was super yummy. Then we were off for the day.
LG had a counseling appointment at 11:00, so we all went to that reading books in the waiting room, then to lunch at Pizza Hut. After we filled our tummies I took the kids to the indoor park at our community center. They spent 3 hours running and sliding and crawling around. It was a zoo; there were so many kids and parents there. The good news is that I got some reading in while they played. Jerry stayed home and took a nap. I wish I could have napped too.
On Saturday night we spent the night playing Wii and other visiting with our other niece Elisabeth who stopped by because she was in the neighborhood. The nephew and I fell asleep a bit early while Jerry watched the girls. I was awoken in the middle of the night hearing a thud. I quickly work up and found dear nephew had fallen out of the bed. Poor little guy. I don’t know how he did it though; he had tons of room because Jerry had slept on the couch with the dog. He wasn’t hurt, however and went right back to sleep.
Sunday we spent time baking and playing in the snow and running around the living room like maniacs. Around dinner time we gathered up all Niece’s and Nephew’s stuff and went to Perkins for dinner, then off to bring them home. We didn’t get home until 9:00 pm. LG slept all the way home. I felt so back that she was out so late. We hadn’t planned to be gone so long, but Jerry missed a turn while looking for the Olympic hockey game on the radio on our way and that added a good ½ hour to the drive.
So, needless to say, our weekend was a long and busy one.

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