Monday, November 23, 2009

This week

Hopefully we will meet LG this week. We are waiting on some paperwork to move forward, but we hope to have that in the next couple of days. LG's therapist is on vacation this week and they wanted her to help break the news to her, but her social worker can also do that. Don't know what they've decided yet. I also have to get our photo album to our Social Worker. She will then get it to whomever will be breaking the news to LG.

So, they kept telling us we would have her for Thanksgiving, but I am doubting that will actually happen. At least we will get to meet LG, and she will know that she will be a part of a family for Christmas.

I am so excited to meet her, I am about to burst out of my skin. I hope that doesn't actually happen, however, because it could get a bit messy. Just kidding...

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