Monday, November 16, 2009

Ready for Santa

LG is all set for Santa to fill her stocking on Christmas morning. I made her a stocking this weekend. I knew that if I didn't get it done before Thanksgiving there would be a posibility that I would have to buy one of those cheepies and puff paint it. Jerry and I have handmade ones that I made a year ago and I didn't want her to feel left out.

Also, I have put the first coat of paint on her dresser, nightstand, and vanity.
Here's the before picture :

I have also found the bedding for her bed, but I won't be buying it until Wednesday. Our renter is going to be moving out by the end of the month, so that means that we should have her home with us for good around the first of the month!

Tomorrow we are meeting with her therapist to get a feel for what she's like and what her emotional needs will be. I cannot wait to meet her and find out what makes her tick. We have been asked by several people what we need for her, and I want to wait until we meet her to make sure what we know so far is on track.

On another note, some family and friends are throwing us a shower. They want us to experience having that special day. LG won't be coming to the showers because we don't want to overwhelm her, plus I don't want to put her in any awkward situations like that. We will be registering at Target for things she will need in her room like sheets, pillows, lamps, alarm clock, and probably some books and a few toys. She doesn't have many of her own things from what we here, and we don't want her to be bored out of her mind when she gets here. We do have a few things that I have collected for our neices and nephews when we have them over, but they are more geared to the younger ages. Anyway, I/we are so blessed to have such supportive people in our lives that will do these kinds of things for us. I thought I would have to go without the baby shower experience, but it turns out life has other plans for us.

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