Monday, October 26, 2009

Got her social history on Saturday

We got the packet of social history information on Saturday and we have decided that there's nothing in there that would cause us to turn back, so we are looking forward to the next step. It turns out that this child is not the 10 year old, but she is an 8 year old little girl. From the report that we got she seems to be small for her age, but we have still not seen a picture of her.
Since this isn't a done deal, I would like to keep other information about her private until we get further along in the process.
Since finding out more information and deciding that we would like to move forward, I keep decorating her room in my head, coming up with special mom and daughter activities, and other things. It couldn't be happier where we are now. I hope we hear from our social worker today to find out what's next. I will continue to keep you posted.

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Tricia said...

update on a Saturday??? Luck you lol

I really really pray this is it for you guys!!

So exciting huh, just wait until you see the picture, you will fall in love right then and there