Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jerry's Cousins

This past weekend we had a visit from Jerry's cousin Shannon and her husband Mike.  We have awaited this visit for a while now, but our schedules have not made it possible until now.  Shannon has a half sister, Kierra, that older then our Gigi, but had a bunch of stuff that she had saved and wanted her to have.  We have been fortunate that they like the same things.  Kierra gave Gigi about 50 books, some clothes, winter jackets, toys, and even a bike that is just like new.  We are so blessed to have family that are so generous.

Tonight my sister will be spending some time with our little girl.  She called last night to ask if she was busy.  I think they will play bingo at her apartment complex, and maybe go swimming.  I am glad that my family takes such an interest in my daughter.  It gives me such a warm fuzzy.

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