Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jerry's Birthday

Jerry's birthday was on Sunday and we had a great day.  We woke up around 9:00am and Jerry opened his presents.  Gifti was so excited for him to open them.  Although, I don't know why because there wasn't anything that she could play with him or anything.  She didn't even help me pick them out, but I am glad she was into it.
Then, it was off to Famous Daves for have brunch with about 12 friends and family.  It was delicious and the company was excellent.  I know that he enjoyed himself as did I.  I know that Gifti was happy because she got to visit with her one of her cousins.
After that we went to Best Buy for some odds and ends and to look for a strap for my camera.  The one that came on it broke.  We weren't able to find one, but I have an idea how to make one.  We also picked up the last Heath Ledger movie and The Book of Eli, which was so good Jerry wanted to own it.
We then went back home and did a bit of relaxing.  Then, Jerry went to softball as he does every Sunday during the summer, and after to OId Chicago.
It was a great day for my sweetheart.  I know that he enjoyed himself, and that's the goal on one's birthday.

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