Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Girl's first overnight was a success

We had little girl overnight for the first time Friday. It was a success.
When I picked her up at Foster mom's house I didn't know if it would be. She seemed a bit nervous. When we got into the car I asked her if she was. She told me that 'yes' she was nervous. We were able to talk about it and I was thankful for that. She has been having a few problems talking about her feelings with her foster mom and with her therapist, so I wondered how that would go with me. We had a good talk about it, and thankfully that's all she needed.
Once we got back to the house, we were met by her therapist and LG showed off her room and all the great things that she had in it. After she left we played paper dolls, crazy 8s and Old maid. Then Jerry came home and played with LG so that I could cook dinner.
We ate and LG talked nonstop about all kinds of things. I must say that she's a good eatter. The nieces and nephews are the opposite, so it's nice to cook for a kiddo that will eat anything. After dinner she and Jerry went down to the studio and played drums and recorded a song. LG sang, but didn't want anyone in the room while she did. Silly girl. After that we watched 'Elf' and then it was time for bed.
Once we told her it was bedtime she was ready to go to sleep. I turned on her nightlight and gave her the glass of water she asked for, tucked her in and gave her a good night kiss, and she went to sleep. She didn't seem at all nervous. I think our little talk worked out.
In the morning I got us an hour before anyone else and had a chance to have my coffee and do my crossword. The dogs got noisy and woke Jerry and LG up. I asked her how her night went and she said that it went well. She heard a lot of noised, and a shadow on the ceiling scared her a bit. I listened and assured her that she would get used to it. Then we were off to the kitchen to make waffles. Again, she ate like a champ.
She really wanted me to do her hair, so I spent the next few hours braiding it up. It looked really cute and she was happy to have it done. After that Jerry took her out Christmas shopping. He told me when he got back that she grabbed his hand and held it for quite a while. So cute, I wish I could have seen it. That must have made him feel really great since they were having some trouble bonding on the last few visits.
I have notice that she's a bit clumsy. It's just like she's my biological daughter. I happen to be VERY clumsy myself.

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Hedgetoad said...

Hope everything is going well and 2010 is starting to be the best year ever!