Friday, August 28, 2009

Recap of the Last Few Days

Jerry and I had a lovely time out for our anniversary. We both ate so much that you could have rolled us out of there. Anyway, when we got home I was playing with the dogs on my bed and Cody got a little wiggly and rolled his big noggin into my nose. Well I heard a big crack and it instantly started to bleed. I haven't had a nose bleed since I was a kid, but I knew what to do and within a few minutes I had it stopped. I was afraid that I had broken my nose, so I applied an ice pack and inspected the damage. Everything appeared okay so I went to sleep.
Well, the next morning I woke up feeling groggy, dizzy and a bit nausous. I figured it would wear off in a few hours. I did my usual morning things, but it the feelings wouldn't go away, so I decided to take a shower and eat lunch. Still the same. So, I decided to take a nap. When I got up from my 2 hour nap, I felt horrible. I was worried that something could be wrong with me that might be more serious, so off to the ER I went. After a CAT scan it turns out I just had a concussion. The doctor advised me to rest and get lots of fluids. She said it could take as long as a week to feel better. OK, so I went home and slept most of the evening and night.
When I got up on Thursday morning I felt even worse, and really emotional. I called the on call doctor and he said it was normal. Ugh. I called my mom and she came over to sit with me and take care of the dogs and me. By 5:00pm I was finally able to get dressed and make dinner. What an experience. I never though a little bump on the head could make a person feel so bad. Thank goodness I am feeling better today because we have plans to go camping with my moms family.

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